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Embrace the ice to conquer your fears, build resilience, and discover your inner strength and confidence through the magic of intentional cold exposure!

Welcome to Cold Confidence LLC, home of cold water therapy!
Renate Rain will be your guide as you take the time to connect with your breath, embrace any uncertainty you may have, push past your fear, and plunge
into the ice water of a Morozko Forge.
Renate will help you breathe through the discomfort,
and you will emerge from your ice bath with newfound cold confidence!
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Cold Water Therapy has the power to bring breath and awareness to your core, returning you to your authentic self.
With an ICE (intentional cold exposure) practice; you will learn to be still, breathe deeply, go inward and reflect on the present moment.  Cold water is a powerful reset tool and the benefits are many!


The training of your body in uncomfortable situations leads to emotional regulation and you will discover a new calm.  You CAN do this.  And I am here to guide you.

ICE Guide Renate Rain watching over a woman with her hair pulled back as she sits in the ice bath.
Renate Wisconsin.jpeg
DCE Guide Renate Rain helps woman while she engages in a breath work exercise.

Intentional cold exposure has been used for centuries around the world and has so many well researched benefits for both physical and mental health, including: 

  • Elevated mood

  • Boost of energy

  • Reduction of depression 

  • Reduction of anxiety

  • Pain relief 

  • Deep sleep

  • Reduced heart rate

  • Increase in testosterone

  • Lower inflammation

  • Improved blood circulation

  • Elevated self confidence

What Clients Say

"You see people through hard and magical stuff.  Thank you for being a calm presence while we leave it in the ice."

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